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The Dutch Trading Post Heritage Network aims to:

  1. Share knowledge and encourage research among the members of the network to increase understanding of VOC-related history and the management of VOC heritage.

  2. Initiate and promote exchange on a cultural, economic, educational and personal level among the members.

  3. Increase awareness about VOC history as well as promote and bring to attention the current state of VOC sites and the links between them.


Membership and activities of the network will be restricted to the geographical regions of VOC activities with a particular focus on South Asia, East Asia, Southeast Asia and the Netherlands.

The network will mainly deal with heritage from the era of the Dutch East India Company.



Our members are institutions in the public or private sector that deal with VOC heritage. Members agree to the aims stated above and should be in a position to actively contribute to the network’s activities.

The members, in alphabetical order by city name, are:

  • Ambon (Indonesia): Ambon City Government

  • Anping (Taiwan): Taijiang National Park Headquarters

  • Ayutthaya (Thailand): Baan Hollanda Foundation

  • Banda (Indonesia): Banda Heritage Foundation

  • Galle (Sri Lanka): Galle Heritage Foundation

  • Hirado (Japan): Hirado Dutch Trading Post

  • Jakarta (Indonesia): Indonesian Documentation Centre of Architecture

  • Melaka (Malaysia): Melaka World Heritage Office

  • Muziris (India): Muziris Heritage Project

  • Nagasaki (Japan): Nagasaki City Dejima Restoration Office

  • Penghu (Taiwan): National Museum of Taiwan History

  • Tainan (Taiwan): Tainan Cultural Association

  • Ternate (Indonesia): Ternate Heritage Society

Click on the image to visit an interactive map of the network members →

DTPHN Map Sattelite.png
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