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International Symposium in Hirado

On February the 9th an International Symposium was held at the Hirado Dutch Trading Post in which various researchers presented their latest findings, all using non Japan based documents. The theme of the symposium was: International Port City Hirado and its Interest in Foreign Cultures – Foreign Sources Changing Japanese Historical Research.

The symposium is part of a project that is currently carried out by the International Research Center for Japanese Studies, also known as Nichibunken in Japan, in which previously unstudied documents related to the early period of the Hirado Dutch Trading Post are research and translated into Japanese. This research project is carried out by Frederik Cryns of Nichibunken and Cynthia Vialle of Leiden University and will present its final findings after the project is finished in another few years.

Hopefully the documents will shed new light on the relative unknown early period of the Hirado Dutch Trading Post.

Details of the symposium are noted below. International Symposium

Hirado: International port city and its interest in foreign cultures

- Foreign sources changing Japanese historical research -

Date: February 9, 2019

Venue: Hirado Dutch Trading Post


- National Institutes for the Humanities (NIHU) Network-based Transdisciplinary Project: “International collaborative Research and Utilization Project of Japan-related Documents and Artifacts Held Overseas”

- International Research Center for Japanese Studies


- Hirado City Hall

- Matsura Historical Museum

- Hirado Dutch Trading Post


Keynote Lecture:

Matsura Seizan and the Hirado Dutch Trading Post era

By Kiyoshi Matsuda:


Early period of the Hirado Dutch Trading Post (1609-1621)

By Frederick Cryns and Cynthia Vialle

The Account Books of the Hirado Dutch Trading Post

By Hideto Maeda

Sieboldt’s Japan Museum – Solving the Mystery of His Final Concept

By Mariko Fukuoka

Italian Missionaries in the prewar Showa era and Bungo Christians - The historic significance of the information collection by father Mario Malega

By Silvio Vita

Aiming for Refinement of the History of Japanese Emigrants – Knowledge Gained From Foreign Sources

By Yoshiyuki Asahi

From Hirado to the World – The Brazilian Endeavours of Yuzaburo Yamagata

By Sachio Negawa

Panel Discussion

General Discussion and Question & Answers Session by the Speakers


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