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Malakka Dutch Festival

Come and join the Malakka Dutch Festival! (Nov 28 - Dec 4)

The Malakka Dutch Festival will be organised by our network members and partners in Melaka and consists of a forum, exhibitions, concerts, tours and a food bazaar. Please join them for all these events that will take place both on site in Melaka as well as online. The main day will December 4th but some online events will be held from Nov 28 to Dec 1, among which two online virtual tours of Dutch Malakka. The festival has a strong focus on bridging the past with the present by showing the lasting family ties of the Melaka Dutch community, highlighting built heritage within the current cityscape and selling traditional Dutch Eurasian classics as well as modern Dutch food. We are looking forward to the events and hope to see you all there or online!

The excellent new website about Dutch Melaka was launched yesterday which you can visit here:


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